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Project objective

JEEViKA - Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project (BRLP) has been designed to address rural poverty in Bihar through the collaboration of the poor, the Government of Bihar and the World Bank..






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In this approach, there will be partner agencies that have mutual understanding with BRLPS and will recruit candidates for their industry requirement. The companies have their own norms ...
The SRLM shall be working on the twin strategy to capitalize the poor and their community structures. This shall be done prima facie by ensuring capital flow from the SRLM in the form of Community ...  
In order to ensure that no poor family is left out, a bundle of strategies for social inclusion/mobilization of all identified PoP and poor households into functionally effective and self-managed institutions will be used...  
Creating an enabling environment for implementing and scaling up innovations for rural livelihoods development and service delivery is one of the objectives of the Bihar Rural livelihoods Project... 

Success stories

  •   A VO that can take initiative:'Who will pay? Who are you buying for?' asked the farmer at Bardela village (Purnia) when Ravina Khatoon..

  •   A Bridge to Collective Action:It is the second week of June. The rainy season has not actually begun. Even then you have to wade through knee-deep water to reach Gidarahi village (Purnia district).


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Funding Sources

The World Bank is the premier international financial institution that provides leveraged loans to poorer countries for capital programs with a goal...
National Rural Livelihoods Mission is being implemented by Bihar Rural Livelihoods Promotion Society under Rural Development....
National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) is a poverty alleviation project implemented by Ministry of Rural Development....

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