Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services


Hiring of Agency for Remote Sensing & GIS Application

Download EOI   |   Download Tabular Format |   Download ToR


Hiring of agency for developing Inventory Management Application 

Download Draft ToR | Download REOI | Download Tabular Format Status of Shortlisting 


Hiring of CA Firm for Audit of Community Institutions (last date for submission of EoI is 06-08-2016) 

Download EOI   |   Download ToR   |   Download Information Regarding EoI   |   Download Notification of Selection I  Workshop for CBOs' Auditors 


Hiring of M&E (Monitoring & Evaluation) agency for SLACC Project (Last date for submission of EoI is 02 July 2016)

Download EOI   |   Download ToR |   Status of Shortlisting


EOI for hiring CA firms for Internal Audit for the financial year 2016-17

Download EOI  |   Download Rejection List |   Download Shortlisting Result | Download Pre - Proposal Conference |  Status as on 09 Jan 2017


EOI for hiring of Technical Support Agency (TSA) for Skills Development Programme

Download EOI   |   Download ToR |  Addendum  |  Queries & clarifications


EOI for Hiring an agency for Process Monitoring of BRLPS

Download EOI   |   Download ToR   |   Download EoI received list     Download Queries and Clarifications   Result 


EOI for Hiring an agency for conducting Baseline Survey

Download EOI   |   Download ToR  |   Download EoI received list    Download Queries and Clarifications     Result 


EOI for Hiring an agency for Designing, Development, Testing and Maintenance of Skills Portal

Download EOI   |   Download ToR    


Expression of Interest for hiring of Chartered Accountants' Firm for Statutory Audit

Download Expressions of Interest | Download Corrigendum| Download EoI Shortlist Status    Download Queries and Clarifications related to RFP  | Result


Hiring of Agency for Value Chain Analysis

Download REOI | Download Draft ToR Status of EoI received     Download Queries and Clarifications 



Hiring of Agency for providing Crop Advisory

Download REOI | Download Draft ToR Download Corrigendum


Hiring of Services of an agency for provoding comprehensive and regular crop advisory services for SLACC Project

Download Terms of Reference  | Download Expressions of Interest Download Queries and Clarifications Status of EoI received 


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Consultancy Services