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की १
A Comparative Study in the Functioning of SHGs in Simri Bakhtiyararpur & Saur Bazar Blocks of Saharsha District.pdf डाउनलोड (८,४७९.९k)
A Report on Analysis of Various Barriers Regarding Constrction & Use of Toilet.pdf डाउनलोड (१,३३८.५k)
A Report on Value Chain Analysis of Vegetable, DCS, Poultry Mother Unit, Aggarbatti & Bangles of Nalanda District, Bihar.pdf डाउनलोड (१४,९१५.८k)
A Study on E-CRP in Dobhi, Gaya Disrict, Bihar.pdf डाउनलोड (१३१.२k)
A critical Analysis on Empowerment on Women Thrrough Sanitation Activities-With Special Reference to Jehanabad Disrict of Bihar.pdf डाउनलोड (७२१.९k)
Report on Analysing the Scope for JEEViKA to Sell HandloomHandicraft Product Online.pdf डाउनलोड (२,७४२.५k)
Report on Non-Farm Theme Stakeholders Engagement & Its Results.pdf डाउनलोड (९,२८१.३k)
Report on market Linkage Mechanism for Madhubani & Sikki Art & Craft- A Study on the Business Process of Producer Group.pdf डाउनलोड (१२७.२k)
Study on Individual Household Enterprize Started by SHG Members After Taking Loan From SHG Under JEEViKA Project.pdf डाउनलोड (८,०८९.०k)
Study on JEEViKA as a Mode of Women Empowerment.pdf डाउनलोड (८१०.०k)
Study on Socio-Eco-Political Assessment of External Community Resource Person.pdf डाउनलोड (९६७.४k)
Study on the Back End Value Chain Analysis of Cluster.pdf डाउनलोड (१,४३९.३k)
Study the Effect of Production Group on the Market Linkage of Poultry Meat & Egg.pdf डाउनलोड (२,८५९.३k)
To Analyse the Gap Between the Customer's Demand & Market Offerings of Handicraft Products.pdf डाउनलोड (१,२०६.८k)
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प्रतेक पेज पर आइटम्स 20
की १