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Health, Nutrition and Sanitation Initiatives

Motivating community through Community Led Total Sanitation process for adopting Best Sanitation practices

Poor sanitation is linked with poor productivity and malnutrition as it has direct relationship with livelihoods of poor household. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) with particular focus on rural sanitation if embedded in livelihood projects make a significant contribution in tackle health indicators and contribute in the economic development of the rural poor.

BRLPS has got into a MoU with Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) for servicing 64 panchayats in 10 districts of 24 blocks. This MoU extends construction of 1, 24,000 (approximately) individual household toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission. Gramin. Unicef, DFID and Action for community empowerment (ACE) are providing technical assistance for appropriate toilet technology options for rural areas.

Dr. N.Vijaya Lakshmi, CEO, Jeevika introduced this idea and played a crucial role in collaborating with Public Health Engineering Department (PHED). She has also conducted several field visits in different districts and also interacted with community members. Her visits has acted like a catalyst in motivating community for adopting best sanitation practices.



























Pic: CEO attending prayer and discussing on the agenda of adopting best sanitation practices with SHG members of Jeevika. 

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