Arrangements for Capacity Building

The entire capacity building for community institutions will be led by the Capacity Building and Institution Building unit of the Project. A full time State Project Manager and Project Manager will be deputed and assigned responsibility to design, implement and coordinate capacity building events for community institutions. For the purpose, block unit will also have a specialist training officer who will be responsible for all necessary arrangement for capacity building programmes. A Capacity Building and Training cell is also proposed. This cell will look after the large scale staff and community level training needs in a multi functional manner. At a later phase this cell may be spun off as an independent organization to look after the training needs of the state for rural development professionals. At block level absence of appropriate training infrastructure will be the major challenge. To address this Project will adopt two pronged strategy which includes building training infrastructure at block level wherever needed and to get existing suitable Government infrastructure. The involvement of external consultant agency will be key strategy for delivering large scale Capacity Building programme to the Community Institutions. Further points to be worked on include:

  • Capacity Building and Institution Building specialist at the State Unit will be the key nodal person for training to the community institutions. All strategic decision-making will be done at this level.
  • Both at the state and block levels, the functional specialist and the resource organisation(s) together will develop the capacity building solutions based on the field assessment
  • Training Needs Assessment will be undertaken periodically (say quarterly)
  • The technical training could be outsourced to a panel of trainers or institutions with expertise on the subject.
  • Annual needs assessment will also be conducted to include learnings and its implications in the PIP.
  • A Capacity Building and Training Cell will prepare modules and CB strategy. This cell will facilitate the block unit in extending capacity building programmes to community institutions.


Methodology for Capacity Building

The following methodology will be used for capacity building in the Project.

  • Development of modules: Each capacity building events will be organized with an effective module corresponding to the absorbing capacity of the community members. This will be prepared in local language and should bear ample application of audio visual tools.
  • Learning by Doing- Every module will subject to further improvement by learning of previous organized events and feedback from the community.
  • Learning by seeing - Various sites within the country and the state would be identified and arrangement will be made to send community members to see the best practices.
  • Empanelment of Resource Persons and Agencies- The project will identify external resource agencies and persons and empanelled them for delivering the capacity building component at block and state levels. A clear MoU will be drafted with any resource agency or individual is hired.
  • Handholding Support- This will be among major strategies of capacity building in the Project. Project staff and other resource persons/ teams/ agencies will constantly be counseled by regular handholding support by the Training and Capacity Building Cell to improve the effectiveness of programmes at community level.