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List of Staff


State Project Management Unit (SPMU)   |  District Project Manager's  


Full Name Designation E-mail Contact No.
Mr. Balamurugan D, IAS CEO cum State Mission Director ceo@brlp.in 9771478301
Mr. Braj Kishore Pathak Officer on Special Duty bkpathak@brlp.in 9771478302
Mr. Kumar Anshumaly Director anshumaly@brlp.in 7544000800
Mr. Ranjit Kumar Chief Finance Officer ranjit@brlp.in 9771478315
Mr. Rajeev Kumar Singh Administrative Officer ao@brlp.in 9771474716
Mr. Mukesh Chandra Sharan Programme Coordinator-Financial Inclusion mukesh@brlp.in 9771478306
Mrs. Mahua Roy Chaudhary Programme Coordinator-Governance and Knowledge Management mahua@brlp.in 7544000640
Mr. Ajit Ranjan State Project Manager - Monotoring & Evaluation ajit@brlp.in 9771478310
Mr. Prashant Krishna State Project Manager - IB & CB prashant@brlp.in 9771478305
Mr. Anand Shankar State Project Manager - HRD anand.shankar@brlp.in 9771478307
Ms. Archana Tiwari State Project Manager - Social Development archana@brlp.in 9771478308
Mr. Manoj Kumar State Project Manager - Livelihoods manojk@brlp.in 9771478322
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh State Project Manager - Off Farm rakeshk@brlp.in 9771479491
Mr. Jitendra Kumar State Project Manager - Jobs jitendra@brlp.in 9771478313
Mr. Vishwa Vijay State Project Manager - Resource Cell vijay@brlp.in 9771478320
Mr. Apolenarius Purty State Project Manager - Health & Nutrition apollo@brlp.in 9771478326
Mr. Sanjay Mishra State Project Manager - Communicy Finance sanjay@brlp.in 9771479740
Mr. Manish Kumar State Project Manager - Micro Finance manishkumar@brlp.in 7544000607
Mr. Prem Prakash State Project Manager - MIS prem@brlp.in 7808920107
Mr.  Jiban Kumar Jha State Project Manager - Insurance jiban@brlp.in 9771478319
Mr.  Pushpendra Singh Tiwari State Project Manager - Financial Literacy and Bank Linkage pushpendra@brlp.in 7808920114
Dr. Santosh Procurement Specialist dr_santosh@brlp.in 9771478314
Mr. Kaustubh Pratik  Procurement Officer kaustubh@brlp.in  7542023824
Mr. Uday Kumar Verma State Finance Manager uday@brlp.in 9771468632
Mr. Surya Kant State Finance Manager surya@brlp.in 9771468633
Mr. Sanjay Kumar State Finance Manager sanjay_sfm@brlp.in 7091598211
Mr. Sikendra Kumar Assistant Finance Manager sikendra@brlp.in 9771478792
Mr. Girish Kumar Chaudhary Assistant Finance Manager girish@brlp.in 7781010089
Mr. Ritesh Kumar Project Manager - Institution Building ritesh@brlp.in 9771478316
Mr. Manoj Kumar Project Manager - Capacity Building manoj1@brlp.in 9771478317
Ms. Amrita Singh Project Manager-Training Learning Centre amrita@brlp.in 9771478336
Ms. Anumeha Swarup Project Manager - SL & PM anumeha@brlp.in 9771478321
Mrs. Asha Kumari Project Manager-Personnel & Administration asha@brlp.in 7542023827
Mr. Anil Kumar Yadav Project Manager-Livelihoods anilk@brlp.in 7808920108
Mr. Anubhav Dubraj Project Manager - Marketing & Innovation anubhav@brlp.in 9771478323
Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh Project Manager - Monitoring & Evaluation pankaj@brlp.in 7808920116
Mr. Manav Saurav Project Manager - MIS manavsaurav@brlp.in 7544000756
Mrs. Nidhi Singh Project Manager - Research & Documentation nidhi@brlp.in 9771478325
Mr. Niraj Kumar Singh Project Manager - Entitlement niraj@brlp.in 7542023837
Mr. Rajiv Kumar Project Manager - Community Finance rajeev@brlp.in 9771479639
Mrs. Somya Project Manager - Health & Nutrition somya@brlp.in 7542023825
Mr. Samir Kumar Project Manager - Non Farm samir@brlp.in 9771478622
Mr. G. Anthony Raj Project Manager - Resource Cell anthony@brlp.in 7544000670
Mr. Siddharth Keshari Project Manager - SD siddharth@brlp.in 9771478796
Mr. Ranjan Kumar Project Manager - Financial Literacy & Interest Subvention ranjan@brlp.in 9771479220
Mr. Satish Kumar Project Manager - Community Investment satish@brlp.in 7544000699
Mr. Ritesh Kumar Project Manager - HRD riteshkumar@brlp.in 9771478335
Mr. Gyanesh Singh Project Manager - Jobs gyanesh@brlp.in 9771479224
Mr. Pawan Kumar Priyadarshi Project Manager - Communication pawan@brlp.in 7808920117
Mr. Udai Kumar Project Manager - Bank Linkage udai@brlp.in 7808920115
Mr. Sumit Kapoor Project Manager - Off Farm sumit@brlp.in 9771479723
Mr. Santosh Raman System Analyst sraman@brlp.in 9771478329
Md. Hasnain Yunus System Analyst hasnain@brlp.in 9771478330
Mr. Chandan Kumar Data Administrator chandan@brlp.in 9771478331
Md. Raheel Zaman Siddiqui Data Administrator raheel@brlp.in 9771478332
Mr. Bipin Lal Karn P.A.-cum-Steno pa_ceo@brlp.in 9771478355
Mr. Devendra Prasad Yadav P.A.-cum-Steno devendra@brlp.in 9771478356
Ms. Priya Priyadarshi DTP Operator  priya@brlp.in 9771478357
Mr. Ram Binod Lall Office Assistant rblall@brlp.in 9771478348
Ms. Bhawana Office Assistant bhawana@brlp.in 9771478352
Mr. Uttam Kumar Das Office Assistant uttam@brlp.in 9771478353
Mr. Gyanendra Kumar Office Assistant gyanendrak_oa@brlp.in 9771474298
Mr. Jawed Naim Office Assistant jawed@brlp.in 9771478349
Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Verma Office Assistant ashutosh_oa@brlp.in 7544004860
Md. Shahid Raza Office Assistant shahid_oa@brlp.in 7542023939
Mrs. Swati Kashyap Office Assistant swati_oa@brlp.in 7070890647
Ms. Sheetal Kumari Office Assistant sheetal_oa@brlp.in 7070890648
Mr. Anil Kumar Office Assistant anil_oa@brlp.in 9771478637
Mr. Ajay Nand Sahay Logistic Assistant logistics.asst@brlp.in 7542023940
Mr. Kundan Kumar Logistic Assistant kundan_la@brlp.in 7781009091
Mr. Prabhat Ranjan Das Accountant-cum-Cashier prabhat@brlp.in 9771478342
Mr. Shivesh Mohan Accountant shivesh_ac@brlp.in 7781008972
Mr. Jitendra Kumar Accountant jitendrak@brlp.in 9771478344
Mr. Ravi Shankar Chaudhary Accountnat ravishankar_ac@brlp.in 9771478748
Mrs. Suman Rani Accountant suman_ac@brlp.in 7781008571
Mr. Subodh Kumar Bharti Accountant subodh_ac@brlp.in 7781008991
Mr. Kausar Shamim Accountant kausar_ac@brlp.in 7781008819
Mr. Bibekanand Thakur Accountant bibekanand_ac@brlp.in 7091598218
Mr. Amit Abhinav Accountant amit_acct@brlp.in 7633996099
Mr. Anand Kumar Project Associate-Procurement anand@brlp.in 7781009110
Mr. Rashid Rehan Siddiqui Project Associate-Procurement rashid@brlp.in 7070890650
Mr. Pramod Rajak Project Associate-Admin. pramod@brlp.in 7781009243
Mr. Suraj Kumar Project Associate-MF suraj@brlp.in 9771478334
Mr. Prem Narayan Project Associate-HR prem_pa@brlp.in 9771474297
Mr. Roby Minj Project Associate-Comm. robie@brlp.in 9771478339
Mrs. Preeti Mishra Project Associate-SD preeti@brlp.in 7544000777
Mr. Anil Kumar Project Associate-M & E anil@brlp.in 9771474150
Mrs. Veena Kumari Project Associate-H & N veena@brlp.in 7544000638
Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Project Associate-Jobs mithilesh@brlp.in 9771478718
Mr. Niranjan Kumar Project Associate-Off Farm niranjan@brlp.in 7544000794
Mr. Sanjeeb Kumar Project Associate - Farm sanjeeb@brlp.in 7781008522
Md. Amirul Haque Project Associate-Resource Cell amirul@brlp.in 7070890651
Mrs. Vatsala Shankar Project Associate - MIS vatsala_Pa@brlp.in 7070890649
Mr. Niraj IT Associate niraj_it@brlp.in 7544000776
Mr. Amit Kumar Singh IT Associate amit_it@brlp.in 7781009181
Mr. Rahul Singh Kaushik IT Associate rahul_it@brlp.in 7070890642
Mr. Rajesh Kumar IT Associate rajesh_it@brlp.in 7070890643
Mr. Deep Kamal  IT Associate deepkamal_it@brlp.in 7070890644
Mr. Manoj Kumar IT Associate manoj_it@brlp.in 7070890645
Mr. Dineshwar Lal Divyashu Storekeeper divyanshu@brlp.in 9771478358



District Project Manager's in JEEViKA


Sl. No.  District Name Name of DPM E-mail  Mobile No.
1 Araria Mr. Om Prakash Mandal (Manager-SD) dpm_araria@brlp.in 9771472253
2 Arwal Mr. Suresh (Manager -SD) dpm_arwal@brlp.in 7808920790
3 Aurangabad Mr. Kamal Kishore dpm_aurangabad@brlp.in 9065511984
4 Banka Mr. Sanjay Kumar dpm_banka@brlp.in 9771478555
5 Begusarai Mr. Tarun Kumar dpm_begusarai@brlp.in 7781009059
6 Bhagalpur Mr. Chandan Kumar Suman dpm_bhagalpur@brlp.in 9771479254
7 Bhojpur Mr. Sanjay Prasad Paswan dpm_bhojpur@brlp.in 7070897549
8 Buxar Mr. Arun Kumar dpm_buxar@brlp.in 7781008720
9 Darbhanga Ms. Mukesh Sudhanshu Tiwari (Manager - NF) dpm_darbhanga@brlp.in 7485094729
10 East Champaran (Motihari) Mr. Barun Kumar dpm_motihari@brlp.in 7781009473
11 Gaya Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sasmal dpm_gaya@brlp.in 9771478793
12 Gopalganj Mr. Wasim Ansari dpm_gopalganj@brlp.in 7544000608
13 Jamui Mr. Bikrant Shankar Singh dpm_jamui@brlp.in 7781009283
14 Jehanabad Ms. Raginee Kumari dpm_jehanabad@brlp.in 7542023801
15 Kaimur (Bhabhua) Mr. Subhash Chandra Pandey (Manager-MF) dpm_kaimur@brlp.in 7808920902
16 Katihar Mr. Rajendra Krishna Nikhil dpm_katihar@brlp.in 7781009664
17 Khagaria Mr. Ajit Kumar dpm_khagaria@brlp.in 9065517907
18 Kishanganj Mr. Awadhesh Kumar dpm_kishanganj@brlp.in 9771479736
19 Lakhisarai Mrs. Anita Kumari  dpm_lakhisarai@brlp.in 7070890646
20 Madhepura Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh dpm_madhepura@brlp.in 7781009464
21 Madhubani Dr. Richa Gargi dpm_madhubani@brlp.in 7485090467
22 Munger Mr. Manish Kumar dpm_munger@brlp.in 7542023801
23 Muzaffarpur Mr. Santosh Kumar Sonu dpm_muzaffarpur@brlp.in 7781008950
24 Nalanda Mr. Uma Shankar Bhagat dpm_nalanda@brlp.in 9771479216
25 Nawada Mr. Pancham Dangi (Manager - MF) dpm_nawada@brlp.in 7781009477
26 Patna Dr. Santosh  (BAHS) dpm_patna@brlp.in 9771478619
27 Purnea Mr. Sunirmal Garain dpm_purnea@brlp.in 9771479637
28 Rohtas Mr. Acharya Mammat dpm_rohtas@brlp.in 7542023829
29 Saharsa Md. Tufail Ansari dpm_saharsa@brlp.in 9771479637
30 Samastipur Md. Ganesh Paswan dpm_samastipur@brlp.in 8825146225
31 Saran Mr. Vinay Kumar dpm_saran@brlp.in 7542023847
32 Sheikhpura Ms.  Anisha dpm_sheikhpura@brlp.in 7782016096
33 Sheohar Mrs. Priyanka Gupta dpm_sheohar@brlp.in 7485808701
34 Sitamarhi Mr. Indra Shekhar Indu dpm_sitamarhi@brlp.in 7781009865
35 Siwan  Mr. Ashok Kumar Rai (Manager - M&E) dpm_siwan@brlp.in 7544000726
36 Supaul Mr. Amar Shekhar Pathak dpm_supaul@brlp.in 9771478962
37 Vaishali (Hajipur) Ms. Nalini Tigga dpm_vaishali@brlp.in 7485094729
38 West Champaran (Bettiah) Mr. Avinash Kumar dpm_bettiah@brlp.in 7783867266