Strategic Communication

The main objective of strategic communication is to build awareness in the community for strengthening the community institution building process and its sustainability. This will involve information, education and communications support for all components of the project to be implemented at the field level. The awareness programs and campaigns will focus on issues affecting social and/or economic activities of interest to rural poor, for example, institution building, livelihood enhancement, children's education, child labor, child marriages, HIV/AIDS. Following activities will come under this section.


  • Creating awareness regarding livelihood options and approaches - Transparent, participatory and accountable institution building process is the key for sustainability of the community institutions initiated. The communication strategy will meet the needs for building the foundation.
  • Training CCs and CRPs to introduce the issues of social and economic empowerment for discussion at the CBOs. The project would also enable the capturing and dissemination of experiences and learning at the CBOs based on these social and economic interventions.